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Shinto PC
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Shinto  is a tech blogger, currently living in Kannur, Kerala ,India and he is the owner of the,


  1. Hi Shinto,

    I am a Commissioning Editor working with Packt Publishing. We are coming out with a book on "Linux Mint". I am looking for a Technical Reviewer to provide feedback on the content of the book. It would be of great help if you would be willing to take this up as this is your area of expertise. Please visit for more details on reviewing.

    When people like yourself, Shinto, work for us as technical reviewers, we can be sure that the content will be of the highest quality.

    I should point out that there is no payment for reviewing, instead you will receive full credit in the book (including a bio where you can put up a link to your website or blog) and you will receive two complimentary books:

    · One copy of each book you review (one print and one e-book) - see how what you've done makes you proud!

    · A book of your choice from our catalog.

    For more details on Packt Publishing, visit . Please let me know if this interests you, so that I can give you more details on technical reviewing and the book.

    Ameya Sawant
    Commissioning Editor,
    Packt Publishing.

  2. Hai, shinto, this z giri, i recently visit ur profile. It's so good .

  3. Hi shinto, I sincerely commend your effort & i am grateful to you for making life easier for me. I can now read d content of my pdf and word files wt the help of your effort. I pray dat God wl continue to bles U wt more wisdom and long life! Amen... Thanks


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